The help of teachers and/or volunteers who will be in charge of the education area will be available.

    Necessary personnel:

    • Teachers and/or volunteers (evangelical Christians).
    • Designers of audiovisual materials.
    • Logistical personnel (usually the teachers and/or volunteers themselves): Tasks to be performed corresponding to their area.
      • Printing, copying and cutting.
      • Purchase of dramatization materials.
      • Purchase of refreshments.

    The servers and volunteers full of love and commitment have the following specific tasks:

    • Reading stories, tales about values and family. With the fundamental purpose that the lives of the families are impacted and transformed by the power of the word of God.
    • Memorizing biblical texts (children and adolescents). This will also allow the renewal of their mentality which will bring change in their conception of present and future life.
    • Giving example (testimony).
    • Activities about the family and with the family (theater, workshops, talks, etc.).

    For the development of these activities the following materials will be required.

    • Prints of stories, stories and values.
    • Prints of figures to color corresponding to the theme.
    • Booklets of the memorized texts.
    • Printer to be used from the Foundation.
    • Theatricalization of the teaching.

    These materials per month have the following budget:

    1Teachers and/or volunteers tickets1 per.60.00
    2Bond paper for printed stories1 thousand28.00
    3Bond paper for coloring pages1 thousand28:00
    4Cardboard thread for text booklets½ thousand200.00
    5Theater materials (miscellaneous)Miscellaneous100.00
    6Family Activities MiscellaneousMiscellaneous100.00
    Total 516.00

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