In Salkantay Trek we intend to show in a practical way and at the same time to demonstrate that those who receive the show of love today, can show it tomorrow to others who require it.
    The objective in which we want to impact:

    Warm clothing (June-July):

    In the city of Cusco in the months of June – July which is cold season we are in winter with the temperature in the early morning and even the early hours of the morning are below zero.
    Therefore it is urgent and necessary warm clothing such as sweaters, jackets, coats, shirts, pants, socks, scarves, hats, etc..
    In very good condition if they are used donations, and with the money offered will be purchased in bulk to optimize resources. It is important to emphasize that the garments are for children and adolescents.

    Gifts and Christmas party:

    We consider that the present (gift) helps the self-esteem of every person, and considering the reality of our beneficiaries is extremely important the expression of love. Our beneficiaries are aware that it is not easy to obtain the resources and they are very grateful with the presents and can receive the love and dedication that our volunteers, collaborators, friends and relatives of the project show.

    We want the gifts to be objects that help them in their recreational growth, social sensitivity, etc.
    School supplies at the beginning of the school year: In Peru, no educational institution provides school supplies.

    School supplies at the beginning of the school year:

    In Peru no educational institution provides school supplies, except for the printed study materials that the state provides as a loan for the school year. And considering the economic reality of the families, we want to provide them with the basic school supplies corresponding to their school year for the best educational development. And these range from pencils to literature and recreational didactic materials.

    Support for some families:

    In the midst of our families, there are families in a more vulnerable state due to different circumstances. Where we want to provide urgent and basic support in food, etc..
    For the realization of these activities, we have the same teachers, volunteers who already serve in other areas, added to this team full of love and service, we will ask for more volunteers for the work to be done.

    Work prior to the activity.

    • Together with those responsible and supervisors, reach agreements on the content of the program (friends of Jesus Peru).
    • Program director (delegated by the supervisor).
    • Praise (children’s ministry of the church).
    • Reflection (guest and/or main teacher).
    • Recreation (volunteers).
    • Refreshments (prepared by contract) and served by part of the volunteer team.
    • Distribution of gifts, according to order and organization with the guidance of the teacher in charge.
    • Selection of donations, organization of donations, purchase of supplies, gifts, etc., as appropriate for each activity, and packaging.

    Day of the activity.

    • Support group to set up and decorate the venue. 2 hours before the time of the activity.
    • Support group for pick-up and delivery of gifts. 1 hour before the activity.
    • Director, supervisors and program managers 20 minutes before the activity.
    • Refreshments ready 10 minutes before the beginning of the program.
    • Development of the whole activity.
    • At the end of the activity. Cleanliness, order.

    After the activity.

    • Evaluation of the work on site, during and at the end of the activity.
    • Observations.
    • Suggestions.

    For the successful and 100% completion of the activity, we require all your love expressed in quality time, etc.
    Any help for the achievement of the objective is and will be well received, received and thanked by us and all the children.

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