At Hope Children Peru, one of our main objectives is to provide educational support to children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Our primary goal is to close the educational gap and ensure that all children have equal academic opportunities, regardless of their economic situation.

    Our Objectives in the Education Area:

    School Reinforcement:

    Our volunteers and trained staff are dedicated to providing individualized academic support and adapting teaching strategies to meet the specific needs of each child. In addition to academic reinforcement, we also promote the development of study skills, organizational techniques, and self-confidence, so that children can reach their full potential.

    Improving educational quality:

    We strive to improve the quality of education for the most needy children. We work in collaboration with the local church where the children attend to implement effective educational programs, provide educational materials and technological resources, and promote innovative teaching methods that stimulate learning and the overall development of children for better education.

    Individualized academic support:

    We are committed to providing individualized academic support to children in need. Through the implementation of tutoring programs and reinforcement classes, we ensure that each child receives the necessary attention to overcome difficulties and achieve their full academic potential.

    Development of socio-emotional skills:

    We recognize the importance of developing socio-emotional skills in children so that they can face life’s challenges with confidence and resilience. Our programs include activities that foster self-esteem, teamwork, empathy, and critical thinking, helping children develop skills that will be useful both in their educational and personal lives.

    Promoting community participation:

    We seek to involve the community, especially parents, in the educational process of the most needy children. We promote the participation of parents, volunteers, and local organizations to create a strong and collaborative support network that contributes to the educational success of children. We organize community events, workshops, and activities that strengthen the relationship between school, family, and society.

    Breaking the cycle of poverty:

    Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of poverty through education. We believe that quality education is fundamental for children to have development opportunities and improve their future prospects. We work to empower children by providing them with the necessary tools to overcome socioeconomic barriers and build a successful future.

    These objectives reflect our commitment to the education of the most needy children, seeking to create a lasting impact on their lives and society as a whole.

    For this area, the following are required:

    Personnel needed:

    • Teachers and/or volunteers with or without preparation in the specialty, but trained for the task.
    • Assistants trained for the tasks, with consideration for age groups.
    • Volunteers, with disposition and love for the children and adolescents, willing to give them their love through their time and affection.
    • Logistic personnel who will be in charge of providing the necessary material for each session after coordination with the teachers and according to the academic progress that the children and adolescents are developing in their schools.

    Schedules for the realization of the School Reinforcement:

    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
    • Tuesday, Thursday.

    2 hours per session

    The volunteer teachers and all loving servants have the following as their main task in this area:

    How you can support this main cause:

    For the development of such activities the following environments and materials will be required.

    • Environments decorated and implemented according to the task to be carried out of school reinforcement and educational recreation times.
    • Academic materials according to the progress in their academic development at school.

    These materials per month are budgeted as follows:


    At the beginning the decoration and implementation of the environments:

    • Desk and chair for the teacher.
    • Tables with work chairs.
    • Cupboards and shelves for materials.
    • Blackboard with its lungs and flecks.
    • Tables for educational games.
    • Items for educational games.
    • Computer with its respective furniture and chair.
    • Printer.
    • Active and permanent Internet.
    • Bond and colored paper
    • Blank and colored sheets of paper, paperboards, marker pens, etc.
    • Educational and reading books.
    • Computer and active internet.
    1 thousand
    3Pens, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, erasers, markers, etc.

    Books (Library):

    • Books in line with academic development.
    • Reading books.
    • Exploratory books in different sciences. Etc.

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