The objective of having a Christmas party for underprivileged children is to give them a special experience during the Christmas season, where they can enjoy the joy, fun and festive spirit that characterizes this time of the year.

    We want to show God’s love for all the children we support by giving them joy on this special date.

    Christmas parties for low-income children has the purpose of offering these children the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a special way, despite the economic difficulties they may be facing.

    Main objectives of this party:

    To share God’s love:

    We aim to show God’s love through this activity, transmitting the message of love and hope that represents the central meaning of Christmas which is Jesus. Through the celebration, we seek to show the children that they are loved and valued, and to remind them that God loves them very much and that He cares for them and cares about them.

    Joy and happiness:

    Provide a joyful and festive atmosphere where children can experience the happiness and excitement of Christmas. This includes decorating the place with Christmas motifs, music, gifts and fun activities.

    Sense of belonging:

    Promote a sense of belonging and community by bringing low-income children together to celebrate together. These parties can create a space where children feel part of something special and can share moments of joy with other children in similar situations.

    Generosity and solidarity:

    Encourage a spirit of generosity and solidarity in the children, as well as in those of us who organize that activity. Christmas is a time when giving and sharing is emphasized, and these holidays provide an opportunity to teach children about the value of helping others and being in solidarity.

    Equal Opportunity:

    Ensure that all children, regardless of their economic circumstances, can enjoy a special holiday experience.

    These holidays allow the children that Hope Children Peru supports who are of low income to have access to activities and celebrations that they would not normally be able to enjoy due to economic limitations that our country is going through in rural areas.

    Memories and special moments:

    Create positive memories and special moments for the children that they can treasure throughout their lives. These holidays can be a unique occasion for children to have rewarding experiences, have fun, be excited and feel loved and appreciated.

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