• Children’s Outreach Calendar 2023

    Calendar of Activities

    Mid-Year Camp:

    Organize a 3-day camp that includes outdoor activities, educational games, arts and crafts workshops, and sports activities. To provide children with an enriching and fun experience while promoting social skills development.

    You can see more about camp here….

    August 2023:

    Medical Campaign:

    Proper Tooth Brushing: Conduct an educational campaign on the importance of proper tooth brushing and good oral hygiene. Provide toothbrushes and toothpaste, and teach children proper brushing techniques. Conduct interactive demonstrations and informational talks in schools and communities.

    September 2023:

    Recreational Activities: Organize a series of recreational activities in parks or community centers, such as sports games, friendly competitions, obstacle courses, and creative activities. These activities will encourage teamwork, fun and motor skill development.

    October 2023:

    Health Campaign and Medical Checkups: Collaborate with health professionals to conduct a medical campaign to provide general medical checkups to children in underprivileged communities. Provide vaccinations, basic medicines and provide guidance on the importance of regular health check-ups.

    November 2023:

    Arts and Crafts Activities: Organize arts and crafts workshops where children can express their creativity through painting, sculpting, craft making and artistic exploration. These activities will promote self-expression, imagination and the development of fine motor skills.

    December 2023:

    Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party :

    Organize a special Christmas party for the children, where they will be provided with a festive atmosphere, gifts, food and themed activities.

    We will have games, music, dances and the narration of the true meaning of Christmas, sharing messages of love, generosity and hope.

    We also want to give recognition to the children who made an effort throughout the year with respect to their attendance, participation and behavior by rewarding them with gifts.

    The objective of holding a Christmas party for low-income children is to provide them with a special experience during the holiday season, where they can enjoy the joy, fun and festive spirit that characterizes this time of the year.

    The purpose of offering these children the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in a special way, despite the economic difficulties they may be facing.

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